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2701 579 d 1 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/alcasar Fix LDAP users login without the "ldap" group created  
2618 763 d 0 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/alcasar Add counter to "CoovaChilli-Max-Total-Octets" (maximum of data exchanged) RADIUS attribute (in order to prevent quota reset on the login)  
2615 763 d 1 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/alcasar Print a dedicated error message for each connection error  
2591 768 d 7 h rexy /conf/radius/alcasar Radius : rapport pour "utilisateur inconnu"  
2513 927 d 6 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/alcasar Add "Maximum of data exchanged daily/monthly" attributes  
2467 1004 d 6 h richard /conf/radius/alcasar Config of RADIUS "ldap module" : ter (It works like a charm!!!) - More tests must be performed after reinstall process