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2667 729 d 16 h tom.houdayer /scripts/  
2665 729 d 16 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ Fix backward compatibility on update (on loading an older ALCASAR configuration backup)  
2664 746 d 20 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ Automatically launch database migration scripts after import user database  
2662 748 d 1 h lucas.echard /scripts/ Add Qwant in safesearch option for whitelist and blacklist  
2661 748 d 19 h lucas.echard /scripts/ Keep custom blacklists when upgrading from dansguardian to e2guardian  
2656 762 d 1 h rexy /scripts/ New kernel versionNew blacklist version  
2651 762 d 13 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ Fix resolution of Internet domain names that are subdomains of the imported certificate domain  
2649 763 d 15 h lucas.echard /scripts/ Fix blacklist pureip option  
2648 763 d 15 h lucas.echard /scripts/ Add Bing and Youtube in safesearch option for whitelist and blacklistRemove dead code for google nosslsearch  
2644 767 d 23 h lucas.echard /scripts/ Change the name of the temporary account to avoid deleting a possible alcasar account  
2642 802 d 20 h rexy /scripts/ activating "ftp helper" is needed as we use a general disabling rule in /etc/sysctl.d/alcasar.conf  
2636 810 d 23 h rexy /scripts/ New kernel : 4.14.69  
2631 814 d 16 h rexy /scripts/ SMS : chiffrement du mot de passe en sha256 et autorisation pour "gammu_smsd" d'exécuter son script de hook  
2630 817 d 18 h rexy /scripts/ - 3.3.1 doc update- 3.3.0 --> 3.3.1 update  
2627 819 d 6 h lucas.echard /scripts/ Replace apache with lighttpd in downloaded package list  
2620 834 d 15 h rexy /scripts/ homogénéisation  
2608 838 d 13 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ Remove Gammu system user in  
2606 838 d 13 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ Check that username is not empty when creating an ACC profile  
2603 838 d 13 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ Update domain in MOTD  
2601 838 d 14 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ Launch Gammu at startup when the SMS service is enabled and check Gammu status in alcasar-daemon (and create a Gammu system user)  

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