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2561 585 d 2 h rexy /scripts/ Improving the update process (to be continued)  
2560 595 d 3 h rexy /scripts/ Improve the update processus  
2554 616 d 13 h lucas.echard /scripts/ Fix Lighttpd certificat generation  
2546 630 d 23 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ Fix configuration of DHCP server for the bypass mode  
2541 633 d 2 h rexy /scripts/ Migration V3.2 to V3.3  
2521 664 d 5 h armand.ito /scripts/ Upgrade Dansguardian to E2guardian-3.5  
2488 700 d 10 h lucas.echard /scripts/ Replace Apache with LighttpdUpdate fail2ban rulesChange web error managementAdd a PEM certificate creation for LighttpdReplace htdigest Apache tool with a bash function in  
2474 757 d 23 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ Fix ALCASAR configuration file parsing in scripts (comments are correctly ignored)  
2432 826 d 4 h richard /scripts/ Grub2 update (must be verify again)  
2430 830 d 2 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ remove junk characters  
2412 861 d 12 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ Format ALCASAR-passwords.txt file + scripts are getting passwords from it instead of being "sed" at install  
2409 864 d 6 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ Add "HTTPS_CHILLI" option to ALCASAR configuration file to disable CoovaChilli in HTTPS (because this generates an additional HTTPS exception in case of a self-signed certificate)  
2332 929 d 10 h tom.houdayer /scripts/  
2327 930 d 2 h richard /scripts/ Add "HTTPS_LOGIN" attribute in conf file when update from V3.x  
2324 930 d 14 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ ACC: Add option to allow unsecure login for user interception  
2309 944 d 10 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ - Apply hostname/domain change with " --apply"- Fix restart of DNS BlackHole during " --apply"  
2275 964 d 18 h richard /scripts/ DHCP static info file creation when updating  
2274 964 d 18 h richard /scripts/ bugfix : alcasar-ether doesn't support comments  
2247 980 d 10 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ Add custom domain when update /etc/hosts file in  
2244 981 d 0 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ Fix importation of official certificate during the loading of ALCASAR configuration files backup  

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