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2468 2258 d 12 h richard /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Documentation updating (to be continue)  
2465 2268 d 6 h richard /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Config of RADIUS "ldap module" (to be continued)  
2463 2270 d 14 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/web/acc/manager/ Add a regex validation when add a trusted IP address  
2462 2270 d 15 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/web/acc/admin/ Disable configuration checker at page load in ACC LDAP  
2461 2271 d 6 h richard /repos/alcasar/trunk/ preconfig ldap conforme à la documentation  
2460 2272 d 11 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/web/acc/admin/ Print result from ACC AJAX LDAP configuration checker  
2459 2275 d 7 h richard /repos/alcasar/trunk/web/acc/admin/ Update of the LDAP PHP module (it remains to manage the script shell)  
2455 2276 d 10 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Set date format of MAC spoofing logs to "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS" instead of locale's representation  
2453 2280 d 5 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/web/acc/admin/ Add ACC AJAX LDAP configuration checker [BETA]  
2452 2280 d 6 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/web/acc/admin/ Fix bad parameter write in LDAP config  
2451 2280 d 6 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/web/acc/admin/ Move acc/admin/update_ldap.php in acc/admin/ldap.php  
2450 2280 d 7 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/web/ Fix the config file parser in PHP when the value contains a '=' character  
2449 2280 d 7 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/web/acc/admin/ Reformat/clean ACC LDAP page (acc/admin/ldap.php)  
2448 2281 d 5 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/web/acc/admin/ Escape exec() parameters in ACC LDAP server update to prevent RCE attacks  
2447 2281 d 6 h richard /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Continuing the revamping of LDAP interface  
2446 2282 d 6 h richard /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Begin of complete revamping of LDAP interface  
2424 2335 d 7 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/web/acc/manager/htdocs/ Set status_open_required as simple field in ACC user/group manager  
2418 2357 d 12 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/web/ Show the warning message about disconnection if window closed in status.php only if the user need to keep it open  
2415 2359 d 12 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/web/acc/manager/htdocs/ Fix PHP errors in acc/manager/htdocs/import_user.php  
2414 2359 d 12 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Remove disallowed characters of login when importing users from a text file  

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