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2743 148 d 6 h rexy /web/intercept.php - Responsive "intercept" page  
2702 280 d 6 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php Merge bad username and bad password errors at user login  
2600 478 d 4 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php Save SMS status and number in ALCASAR configuration file (persistent to updates).  
2591 480 d 12 h rexy /web/intercept.php Radius : rapport pour "utilisateur inconnu"  
2501 651 d 3 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php Explode the "Filter-Id" RADIUS attribute into ALCASAR vendor attributes (they can now be set independently and with a good user/group priority)  
2450 735 d 6 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php Fix the config file parser in PHP when the value contains a '=' character  
2409 817 d 9 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php Add "HTTPS_CHILLI" option to ALCASAR configuration file to disable CoovaChilli in HTTPS (because this generates an additional HTTPS exception in case of a self-signed certificate)  
2407 818 d 19 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php Trim spaces of username at login  
2406 821 d 11 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php Fix detection of popups blocking in Safari (in order to force the opening of the status page)  
2378 846 d 8 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php Call CoovaChilli JSON api over HTTPS when intercept.php is called over HTTPS  
2370 853 d 5 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php Enable HTTPS support for the CoovaChilli JSON API (that allow HTTPS for status.php)  
2324 883 d 18 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php ACC: Add option to allow unsecure login for user interception  
2283 903 d 20 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php On authentication, redirect to the status page only if the popup is blocked (else actual tab is redirect to user URL and status page is open in the new tab)  
2258 925 d 10 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php Remove cache cleaner HTTP headers for HTTP redirections  
2257 925 d 10 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php Remove HTML redirection pages (prelogin & logon), use HTTP redirection instead  
2250 932 d 6 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php Reformat/clean index.php! (except translations)  
2239 934 d 7 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php intercept.php: Get required parameters from CoovaChilli config file if missing  
2238 934 d 7 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php intercept.php: use HTTP cache control instead of HTML meta tags  
2205 948 d 14 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php Prevent some XSS in intercept.php.  
2201 949 d 8 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php On authentication, redirects to the status page and open the user's URL to a new tab (instead of the reverse).  
2186 958 d 10 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php - Fix loop redirection after connexion in case of imputability logs warn.- Print allowed domains in user home (index.php).  
2184 958 d 11 h richard /web/intercept.php uamallowed domain works again  
2182 959 d 6 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php Some improvements:- intercept.php - reformat (HTML5 + separate PHP/View) + use HOSTNAME from config file instead of always "alcasar"- acc/admin_log.php - sort (reverse order) + reformat (HTML5 + separate PHP/View)- acc/backup/log_generation.php - sort (reverse order)- acc/haut.php - merge two file accesses ('r'+'w' -> 'r+') for counter + reformat (HTML5 + separate PHP/View)- acc/menu.php & acc/phpsysinfo/includes/xml/portail.php - read VERSION from ALCASAR conf file with PHP functions instead of use exec('grep ...')- log_info.txt & admin_log.txt - remove separator at end of lines  
2167 976 d 12 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php  
2166 976 d 13 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php fix error :(  
2163 978 d 8 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php Fix 2 XSS in the public part  
2162 978 d 9 h tom.houdayer /web/intercept.php Fix SQL injection on the public part  
2100 1086 d 10 h richard /web/intercept.php trad arabe  
2074 1108 d 6 h richard /web/intercept.php Coquilles ...  
2073 1108 d 7 h richard /web/intercept.php Compilation pour le noyau 4.4.32 + traduction chinoise  
2059 1137 d 8 h richard /web/intercept.php Modif de commentaires  
2058 1137 d 17 h raphael.pion /web/intercept.php -status.php s'ouvre dans un nouvel onglet.  
2044 1203 d 14 h raphael.pion /web/intercept.php #correction du uamallowed-Correction des exceptions concernant les sites (probleme du au nouveau système d'interception), on ajoute ces sites dans le dnsblackhole avec de laisser passer les connexions vers ces sites.-Lien href valide dans la page d'interception. (exemple : '' => '')#probleme edition utilisateur-Création de filter-Id si il n'existe pas (ALCASAR 2.9 )-Correction dupplication d'item dans la table radcheck-Si le champs de l'attribut utilisateur est vide dans l'ACC, on supprime cet attribut dans la BDD.  
2010 1232 d 14 h raphael.pion /web/intercept.php  
1948 1272 d 19 h raphael.pion /web/intercept.php Correction de la taille maximum du mot de passe soumis dans intercept.phpEn effet, le mot de passe soumis par l'utilisateur est tronqué lorsqu'il dépasse les 15 caractères  
1947 1273 d 12 h raphael.pion /web/intercept.php  
1670 1600 d 7 h richard /web/intercept.php autoregistration link in intercept page  
1491 1847 d 18 h franck /web/intercept.php Remplacement de qwant par google  
1452 1908 d 15 h richard /web/intercept.php Mise à jour auto-enregistrement SMS  
1349 2036 d 13 h richard /web/intercept.php Intégration du système d'autoenregistrement pas SMS