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Changelog of phpSysInfo

phpSysInfo 3.4.3
 - [ADD] Linux Lite, BigLinux, Linspire, Tuxedo, Armbian, Photon, RebeccaBlackOS, QuemOS, dahliaOS, openEuler, Runtu, risiOS, Nobara, Fatdog, CachyOS, Snal, Feren, Archman, Elive, RoboLinux, ExTiX, Kaisen, LXLE, Neptune, Regata, Archcraft, Kodachi, Bodhi, Siduction, Vanilla, Q4OS, Guix, XeroLinux, OpenWRT, Gnoppix, Uruk, Laclin, Clear, Sparky and Venom Linux to detected distros

 - [NEW] JSONP option for enable JSONP data mode
 - [NEW] plugin DiskLoad - show Disk Load information on WinNT

phpSysInfo 3.4.2
 - [ADD] RebornOS, Parrot OS, Pop!_OS, Nitrux, Makulu, Absolute, Bluestar, Ultramarine Linux and TrueNAS to detected distros
 - [ADD] schabau_bootstrap template
 - [ADD] Raid plugin - storcli and perccli status
 - [NEW] Partial support for GNU Hurd
 - [NEW] Ability to retrieve Linux, GNU Hurd, DrayOS and FortiOS system information via SSH

phpSysInfo 3.4.1
 - [ADD] Linuxfx, EndeavourOS, Garuda, Arco and Artix Linux to detected distros

 - [FIX] Fixed sensors voltages

 - [UPD] UpdateNotifier plugin - compatibility with newer data formats

phpSysInfo 3.4.0
 - [ADD] Omarine, NethServer, JingOS, KDE neon, Alma, Virtuozzo, EuroLinux and Rocky Linux to detected distros

 - [NEW] HIDE_NETWORK_INTERFACE_REGEX option to use a regular expression in the name of a hidden network interface
 - [NEW] Ability to read UPS information from a file
 - [NEW] Virtualizer detection on Linux, Android, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and WinNT
 - [NEW] ROOTFS option to set root path of the system

 - [UPD] Changed all data file extensions from .txt to .tmp
 - [UPD] Sensor CoreTemp renamed to CpuMem and extended to read the CPU and memory supply voltages

phpSysInfo 3.3.4

 - [FIX] Fixed display in static mode

phpSysInfo 3.3.3

 - [ADD] Persian (Farsi) Translation fa.xml
 - [ADD] Croatian Translation hr.xml
 - [ADD] Mabox, Milis, FreeNAS, UOS and Septor to detected distros
 - [ADD] SMART plugin - reading contents of wmic command for WinNT
 - [ADD] Raid plugin - 3ware-status status
 - [ADD] IPMIcfg sensor program support
 - [NEW] Ability to read information from an external WinNT server (new WMI_HOSTNAME, WMI_USER and WMI_PASSWORD parameters)
 - [NEW] NvidiaSMI - sensors monitoring for Nvidia GPU
 - [NEW] plugin Viewer - show output of any command or file viewer.txt contents
 - [NEW] Memory chips information
 - [NEW] USB devices speed info on Linux
 - [NEW] IGNORE_TOTAL option
 - [NEW] HIDE_TOTALS option
 - [NEW] INCREASE_WIDTH option for frontend "dynamic"

 - [DEL] Removed deprecated plugin Iptables

phpSysInfo 3.3.2

 - [UPD] Korean Translation ko.xml

 - [ADD] Exherbo and EasyOS to detected distros
 - [ADD] PCI devices list on SunOS
 - [ADD] Raid plugin - megaclisas-status status

 - [NEW] OS Type information
 - [NEW] CPU manufacturer information
 - [NEW] Frontend Bootstrap view in web app mode on mobile devices

phpSysInfo 3.3.1

 - [UPD] bootstrap 4.3.1
 - [UPD] bootstrap-ie 4.3.100
 - [ADD] Indonesian Translation id.xml

 - [NEW] Uprecords plugin - DENOTE_BY_ASTERISK option
 - [DEL] jQuery 3.3.1

phpSysInfo 3.3.0

 - [UPD] Frontend Bootstrap3 to Bootstrap4 with IE8 and IE9 compatibility modules

 - [ADD] Endless, Kali, Redcore and MX Linux to detected distros
 - [ADD] SMART plugin - support for NVMe disks
 - [ADD] Uprecords plugin - SHORT_MODE option
 - [ADD] Raid plugin - IDRAC RAID status
 - [NEW] NVMe devices list on Linux
 - [NEW] Docker plugin - docker stats

phpSysInfo 3.2.10

 - [UPD] jQuery 3.3.1

 - [ADD] NuTyX to detected distros

 - [FIX] Raid plugin - fixed zpool analize

phpSysInfo 3.2.9

 - [UPD] Greek Translation gr.xml

 - [ADD] BAT plugin - Model, Manufacturer and Serial Number information
 - [ADD] BAT plugin - SHOW_SERIAL and UPOWER option
 - [ADD] Springdale Linux to detected distros

 - [NEW] Thinkpad - Lenovo Thinkpad sensors monitoring for Linux
 - [NEW] StableBit plugin - StableBit Scanner info
 - [NEW] HyperV plugin - Hyper-V info
 - [NEW] Raid plugin - software, fake, zpool and megaraid RAID status

 - [DEL] Removed deprecated MDStatus and DMRaid plugins

phpSysInfo 3.2.8

 - [UPD] jQuery 3.2.1
 - [UPD] French Translation fr.xml
 - [UPD] CPU usage on WinNT
 - [UPD] Ukrainian Translation uk.xml

 - [FIX] Fixed incorrect network usage on FreeBSD 11
 - [FIX] Fixed healthd sensors
 - [FIX] Fixed displaying for code pages windows-932, windows-949 and windows-950 for WinNT

 - [ADD] Container Linux, PureOS, OpenELEC, LibreELEC and Lakka to detected distros
 - [ADD] FreeIPMI, IPMItool and IPMIutil other information
 - [ADD] PS plugin - CPU usage
 - [ADD] SMART plugin - WMI access for WinNT

 - [NEW] BLOCKS option - order of data blocks
 - [NEW] Ability to generate only part of the data
 - [NEW] LOAD_BAR compact mode option
 - [NEW] PingTest plugin

 - [DEL] Removed deprecated IPMIinfo plugin

phpSysInfo 3.2.7

 - [UPD] jQuery 3.1.1
 - [UPD] Network interfaces info for WinNT
 - [UPD] Turkish Translation tr.xml
 - [UPD] Greek Translation gr.xml
 - [UPD] Korean Translation ko.xml
 - [UPD] Ukrainian Translation uk.xml

 - [ADD] Devuan and SalentOS to detected distros

 - [NEW] Raspberry Pi detection on Linux

phpSysInfo 3.2.6

 - [UPD] jQuery 3.1.0 and jQuery 1.12.4
 - [UPD] bootstrap 3.3.7
 - [UPD] Swedish Translation sv.xml
 - [UPD] Norwegian Translation no.xml

 - [ADD] NeoKylin and Void to detected distros
 - [ADD] schabau and lingruby template
 - [ADD] DMRaid plugin - FreeBSD graid info
 - [ADD] SNMPPInfo plugin - support for Ricoh printers
 - [ADD] UpdateNotifier plugin - ACCESS option

 - [NEW] sudo commands list
 - [NEW] plugin Iptables - iptables rules list

phpSysInfo 3.2.5

 - [UPD] jQuery 2.2.0 and jQuery 1.12.0

 - [ADD] Show network interfaces infos for NetBSD and OpenBSD
 - [ADD] QTS, OpenMamba and HipServ to detected distros
 - [ADD] SNMPups - monitoring UPS via SNMP

 - [NEW] reloading plugins also for frontend "bootstrap"
 - [NEW] Network speed info on WinNT, Linux, Android, Darwin, NetBSD, OpenBSD and FreeBSD
 - [NEW] Coretemp monitoring also on Linux
 - [NEW] QTSsnmp - SNMP sensors monitoring for QTS Linux
 - [NEW] Hwmon - sensors monitoring for Linux
 - [NEW] SpeedFan - sensors monitoring for WinNT
 - [NEW] Separate configuration sections for motherboard monitoring sensors programs
 - [NEW] List of IP addresses of clients authorized to run

phpSysInfo 3.2.4

 - [ADD] Solus to detected distros
 - [ADD] Uprecords plugin - MAX_ENTRIES option - maximum number of entries to show

 - [UPD] Refreshing status of all plugins for dynamic mode
 - [UPD] bootstrap 3.3.6

 - [NEW] language and template selection also for frontend "bootstrap"

 - [FIX] PHP 7 class Error issues

phpSysInfo 3.2.3

 - [UPD] jQuery 2.1.4 and jQuery 1.11.3
 - [UPD] bootstrap 3.3.5

 - [NEW] I2C devices list on Android and Linux

 - [ADD] blue template

phpSysInfo 3.2.2

 - [UPD] bootstrap 3.3.4

 - [NEW] Thunderbolt (TB) devices list on Darwin

 - [ADD] cleansyn template
 - [ADD] PS plugin - support for Android
 - [ADD] PS plugin - SHOW_KTHREADD_EXPANDED option
 - [ADD] Qubes and HandyLinux to detected distros

 - [FIX] PS plugin - fixed display of the processes tree

phpSysInfo 3.2.1

 - [UPD] bootstrap 3.3.2

 - [NEW] REFRESH parameter also for frontend "bootstrap"

 - [ADD] pfSense to detected distros

 - [FIX] Percentage memory usage

phpSysInfo 3.2.0

 - [UPD] jQuery 2.1.3 and jQuery 1.11.2

 - [NEW] Frontend "bootstrap" with Bootstrap3 and Transparency (JSON)

 - [ADD] Catalan Translation ca.xml
 - [ADD] Mer (core of Sailfish OS) and Tizen to detected distros
 - [ADD] ThermalZone sensor support for Linux and Android
 - [ADD] Temperature, voltage and current sensor for Banana Pi

 - [UPD] German Translation de.xml

phpSysInfo 3.1.17

 - [UPD] BAT plugin - capacity unit, cycle count, FreeBSD support
 - [UPD] Brazilian Portuguese Translation pt-br.xml

 - [ADD] Show the number of processes on Haiku
 - [ADD] ThermalZone sensor support for WinNT
 - [ADD] Tanglu to detected distros
 - [ADD] Android and OS X version name

 - [FIX] Fixed display of treetables

phpSysInfo 3.1.16

 - [ADD] Show the number of processes
 - [ADD] Lunar and 4MLinux to detected distros

phpSysInfo 3.1.15

 - [ADD] CoreOS and Pisi Linux to detected distros
 - [ADD] pmset - UPS support on Darwin (thanks to pelletierr)
 - [ADD] lspci support on Darwin
 - [ADD] lxc/docker detection on Linux
 - [ADD] ability to hide all disks and all network interfaces

 - [FIX] Small CSS fix

 - [UPD] Memory informations on Darwin systems
 - [UPD] BAT plugin - Darwin support

phpSysInfo 3.1.14

 - [ADD] FreeIPMI sensor program support
 - [ADD] IPMIutil sensor program support
 - [ADD] PowerSoftPlus (EVER) UPS program support
 - [ADD] Line frequency for the UPS info
 - [ADD] SENSOR_EVENTS option - show events of sensors
 - [ADD] HIDE_RAID_DEVICES option for plugins MDStatus and DMRaid - list of RAID devices to hide
 - [ADD] idash template

phpSysInfo 3.1.13

 - [UPD] jQuery 2.1.1 and jQuery 1.11.1
 - [UPD] Romanian Translation ro.xml

 - [ADD] Machine detection on WINNT, Linux, Android and Darwin systems

phpSysInfo 3.1.12

 - [ADD] GoboLinux, UltimateEdition, BOSS, Canaima, VortexBox, KaOS and NixOS to detected distros
 - [ADD] OpenHardwareMonitor sensor program support
 - [ADD] Possibility to define multiple UPS_PROGRAM
 - [ADD] UPS_NUT_LIST option

 - [FIX] Fixed incorrect network usage on FreeBSD

 - [UPD] SMART plugin - Smartctl --device option value setting method

phpSysInfo 3.1.11

 - [ADD] Add Access-Control-Allow-Origin on XML (JSON) interface for Ajax Load PR#47
 - [ADD] Generations Linux and SliTaz to detected distros
 - [ADD] IPMI and LMSensors currents information
 - [ADD] Plugin IPMIInfo - added powers and currents values

 - [NEW] Partial support of QNX

 - [FIX] Reduce execution time on Linux systems when showing load average PR#47

phpSysInfo 3.1.10

 - [ADD] Zenwalk and Raspbian to detected distros

 - [FIX] /etc/os-release Linux distro detection

phpSysInfo 3.1.9

 - [NEW] plugin DMRaid - software raid status

 - [ADD] Calculate, Tails, SMEServer, Semplice, SolydXK, Parsix, RedFlag, Amazon, Korora, OpenMandriva, SteamOS, ROSA Enterprise Server and ROSA Desktop Fresh to detected distros

 - [UPD] Rebuilding of the Linux distribution detection
 - [UPD] jQuery 2.1.0 and jQuery 1.11.0

phpSysInfo 3.1.8

 - [ADD] Add printers messages in the XML output
 - [ADD] PSStatus plugin - added optional regular expression search in the process name
 - [ADD] RedHatEnterpriseClient distro icon #40
 - [ADD] Hebrew Translation he.xml

 - [FIX] BAT plugin - fix for old and new kernel /proc/acpi and /sys/class/power_supply

 - [UPD] LMSensors name for Mac hardware sensors

phpSysInfo 3.1.7

 - [ADD] Ksplice support for Linux
 - [ADD] Show CPU frequency max and min for Darwin (Mac OS X)
 - [ADD] Show System Language and Code Page on Darwin (Mac OS X)
 - [ADD] Show network interfaces infos for Minix and SunOS
 - [ADD] SMS, gNewSense and Vector to detected distros
 - [ADD] LMSensors power information
 - [ADD] Battery installation date for the UPS info

 - [UPD] Network interfaces infos and filesystems infos for FreeBSD
 - [UPD] Updated support of SunOS
 - [UPD] Memory informations on Darwin systems
 - [UPD] BAT plugin - updated Linux support
 - [UPD] Updated HWSensors - OpenBSD sensor program

phpSysInfo 3.1.6

 - [ADD] Porteus, Peppermint, Manjaro, Netrunner and Salix to detected distros
 - [ADD] Show CPU frequency max for WINNT
 - [ADD] Show network interfaces infos for Darwin (Mac OS X)

 - [UPD] SNMPPInfo plugin, ink level for some of the data
 - [UPD] jQuery 2.0.3 and jQuery 1.10.2
 - [UPD] Russian Translation ru.xml
 - [UPD] BAT plugin - WINNT support

 - [SEC] Fix JSONP

phpSysInfo 3.1.5

 - [ADD] Possibility to define multiple SENSOR_PROGRAM
 - [ADD] Added display of temperature and fan speed for IPMI sensor program
 - [ADD] openSUSE and Eisfair to detected distros
 - [ADD] Portuguese Translation pt-pt.xml

 - [FIX] Fixed incorrect display of the minimum fan speed
 - [FIX] Fix recovery detection of RAID arrays on debian systems #18

phpSysInfo 3.1.4

 - [ADD] Option for reading the results of functions executeProgram() and rfts() from log
 - [ADD] Show CPU frequency max and min for variable speed processors for Linux and Android
 - [ADD] Filesystem usage warning on defined threshold FS_USAGE_THRESHOLD

 - [UPD] BAT plugin - added temperature, condition and type of battery, Android support
 - [UPD] jQuery 2.0.2 and jQuery 1.10.1

phpSysInfo 3.1.3

 - [ADD] IPFire, Sabayon, PearOS, ClearOS, Frugalware, Fuduntu, Foresight, Tinycore, ALT Linux, ROSA Desktop Marathon and RedHatEnterpriseServer to detected distros

 - [UPD] Added "username" to filtered mount credentials
 - [UPD] jQuery 2.0 coexistent with jQuery 1.9.1 for old Internet Explorer browser versions (IE 6/7/8)

 - [FIX] proc_open() malfunction on some PHP for Android by replacing by popen()
 - [FIX] Run php-cs-fixer on php files (PSR-2 fixer)

phpSysInfo 3.1.2

 - [ADD] Tempsensor and CPU frequency for Raspberry Pi (thanks to hawkeyexp)
 - [ADD] Linaro to detected distros
 - [ADD] Option for logging of functions executeProgram() and rfts()
 - [ADD] Add support of JSONP

 - [FIX] Incorrect display of chunk size for the plugin mdstatus for some results

phpSysInfo 3.1.1

 - [ADD] SolusOS, Deepin and antiX to detected distros
 - [ADD] Simplified Chinese translation

 - [UPD] jQuery 1.9.1

phpSysInfo 3.1.0

 - [NEW] Configuration moved from config.php and subdirs of "plugins" to one file phpsysinfo.ini

 - [ADD] Turbolinux, Oracle Linux, CloudLinux, PCLinuxOS, StartOS, Trisquel, CRUX, Slax, Pear, Android, Zorin and elementary OS to detected distros
 - [ADD] Show System Language and Code Page on Linux, Haiku and WINNT
 - [ADD] Minor support of ReactOS
 - [ADD] apcupsd-cgi support (thanks to duhast)

 - [UPD] Plugin ipmi renamed to IPMIInfo and Update-Notifier to UpdateNotifier (to avoid name conflicts)
 - [UPD] Case-insensitive for most of parameters
 - [UPD] Detection of Mac OS X and Linux distribution
 - [UPD] CPU detection on Mac OS X

 - [FIX] Fixed UTF8 encoding for Linux
 - [FIX] SMART plugin doesn't display for some results
 - [FIX] Incorrect display of mountpoint on Mac OS X