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versions, links and simple description of used jquery files

VERSION  : v1.12.4-ff3fix-ff2fix-CVE_2015_9251fix-CVE_2019_11358fix
URL      :
DESC     : jQuery is a fast, concise, JavaScript Library that simplifies how you traverse HTML documents, handle
           events, perform animations, and add Ajax interactions to your web pages.
USED     : used for the entire userinterface

VERSION  : 1.8.2+jquery1.9fix+parseJSONfix2+bindfix+samesitefix+noeval
URL      :
DESC     : dataTables is a jQuery plugin for turning a standard HTML table with THEAD and TBODY tags into a sortable
           table without page refreshes.
USED     : provide tablesorting for the filesystem table

VERSION  : 1.6.2+jquery1.8fix+bindfix+ff2fix
URL      :
DESC     : nyroModal is a high customizable modal window plugin.
USED     : provide a modal dialog, that is shown when errors are found during execution of the php parsers, or lets say
           in this way: if there are error elements in the xml file

VERSION  : 0.1
URL      :;
DESC     : provides a cleaner way to handle intervals
USED     : automatic reloading of the entire page

VERSION  : 1.2.6+jquery1.9fix+jquery3fix+bindfix
URL      :
DESC     : jGrowl is a jQuery plugin that raises unobtrusive messages within the browser, similar to the way that OS X's Growl Framework works
USED     : show alert and error message

VERSION  : 2009-06-22+statefix+spanfix+altfix+undefinedfix+ie6cachefix+multilinefix+divfix
URL      :;
DESC     : Take a plain html table, wrap the rows you want collapsing/expanding in a tbody tag with an id of treetable, map each row to it's parent row, set some options, and let jQTreeTable take it from there.
USED     : Hardware, Memory, UPS blocks

VERSION  : 2.1 (23/04/2008)+jquery1.9fix
URL      :
DESC     : Designed to fix that problem by applying appropriate filters to user specified elements, while keeping all element tags intact.
USED     : used for the entire userinterface

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