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3191 95 d 19 h rexy /repos/alcasar/trunk/ - Second step in migration to Mageia9  
3110 555 d 4 h rexy /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Remove warnings for future deprecated options with lighttpd  
2923 1242 d 7 h rexy /repos/alcasar/trunk/ - Remove two warnings in lighttpd (deprecated options)  
2920 1243 d 7 h rexy /repos/alcasar/trunk/ - When https mode is active, force all pages in this mode  
2814 1543 d 19 h rexy /repos/alcasar/trunk/ "server-chain" certificate are now in .pem format  
2592 2161 d 19 h rexy /repos/alcasar/trunk/ - Improve switch "HTTP / HTTPS" interception  
2500 2334 d 18 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/conf/lighttpd/vhosts.d/ Add certificate chains to lighttpd configuration (otherwise some browsers can identify the certificate as insecure)  
2488 2336 d 2 h lucas.echard /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Replace Apache with Lighttpd

Update fail2ban rules
Change web error management
Add a PEM certificate creation for Lighttpd
Replace htdigest Apache tool with a bash function in